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Security Audit

Aylan helps you to validate the protection means in the eyes of the security policy. The goal of the audit is thus to check that each rule of the security policy is properly implemented and that all the measures are coherent. To ensure that all measures taken by the...

Network training

Aylan trains you to optimize the configuration of your network Data link (data exchange, network) The different protocols (TCP/IP, UDP) Services (DHCP) Routing Equipment Connection (wifi, cable, optical fiber…)

Linux training

Aylan trains you to the configuration of a linux server. Discover how to master this operating. Setting (partitioning, system files…) Configuration (management of packets, the files and the system administration) Use (file, process, script...


Virtualization enables to execute several operating systems at the same time and several applications on the same server, which increases the use and the flexibility of the equipment. Use of all the server resources and optimization of the infrastructure. Cost saving...
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